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When it’s about establishing yourself in the good books of your stakeholders, you want no one but the best in the business to do it for you. You want a team of PR experts that has seen it all, and is agile enough to adapt to the latest and greatest trends, technologies and tools.
PR Experts

Transitioning from dealing with traditional media and investors to managing new media, industry analysts and social influencers, brand communications is changing all the time. At PRmention, we closely follow these trends, and are often the ones who bring about the change.We are known for our ability to establish and maintain long-term relationships, and build new ones with business, financial, technology, trade, consumer and broadcast journalists. We understand the importance of connecting our clients’ stories to the right journalists at the right time and hence, have a dedicated broadcast media team that’s placed our clients on all the top business, tech and consumer media.

Connecting clients’ stories to the right journalists

Born in the digital age, PRmention has a philosophy of engaging with the media and influencers and providing them the latest news and inspiring narratives about the brand. Whether it is a product, a service, or a new company, PRmention can help you launch your communications strategy that supports your business objectives. As a communications specialist agency, we are involved in the planning and execution of effective communications strategies, and building, engaging and mobilizing target audiences, and achieving the deliverables for category-leading and challenger clients.

How effective is our game plan?

Our results are visible not only in the form of reportage, but also in key placements on relevant
digital media platforms. These developments lead to a direct increase in the earned media value for the company. Our networking abilities help us connect our clients to relevant influencers focused on targeted topics, trends or technologies. With these results, we help brands achieve their communications and awareness goals.

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