A Complete Guide for Small Businesses to Achieve Social Media Success: An Infographic

The way of communication has changed rapidly for the past 20 years, the evolution of social media being the notable one. The accelerating pace of change in the field of mobile development shaped the impact of social media. Across the globe, the minutes spent by people on handheld devices tops any other activity. Mobile devices are the means to connect to anywhere in the world anytime.

With the rise of social media and its vast user base, it was inevitable that sooner or later, businesses would appreciate its influence and consider using social media as a tool to achieve business prospects.

According to the research by Simplilearn, 94% of the times the reason to share information on social media to pass on any form of new information and 49% of it is to influence actions for products.

Marketers have understood the value of this tool and how influencing it could turn out. Attracting an audience to their services and product through campaigns that represent similar ideologies have proven to result in improved ROIs for respective businesses.

Every single platform has its individuality, and all serve specific purposes. In this infographic by ShareKit, we’ll see how specific statistics about social media could influence your marketing and content strategies. Personalizing your campaigns to cater to your target audience is the goal for all companies who wish to succeed. Diving deep into such insightful data and analyzing it goes a long way in achieving the desired goal.