How To Utilize Tools To Discover Audience’s Insights

In content marketing, our first step is to figure out what is the goal, and in return, we could determine our target audience. In content marketing, the goal is to position yourself as an authority in your industry, to attract new clients, and to attain more traffic through search engines. All of this goal would require you to first establish the specific audience you want to cater to and utilizing technology to discover your audience insights is one effective way to do that.

According to, you can use social media as your leverage to attract new customers, which is true, and undeniably helpful. One way to use social media is that if you already know your target audience insight and know what they are looking for, like on laptop brands, if you know that they are looking for a gaming laptop that cost less than $800 then you could target those customers based on their insight and for you to do so, you can use tools to help you analyze your customer’s insights.

Does Technology Affect Audience Insight?

Technology evolves rapidly and could change the characteristics of a society, the role of strategic technology aims to determine how technology and innovation would transform the world we live in. Web, mobile phones, computers, and social media, all affect modern marketing. Technology helps businesses to grow and prosper, and affects the way companies communicate with their prospective customers which makes technology an important factor in marketing for development and growth.

Utilize These Tools to Discover Audience Insights

1. Google Trends

You can confirm your assumptions about the interest of your users using Google trends, this tool is helpful especially if you are still trying to figure out which topics your audience might be interested in.

For example, you own a health brand and you want to stay on top of the next trend in health supplements, you can look to Google trends which health supplements are currently rising and falling. Additionally, Google trends can help in finding related searches to find out what are top searches related to your brand, this information would definitely help a lot in discovering audience insight.

2. Google Analytics

If you already used Google analytics then you already know how helpful this tool is, and if you don’t then let me tell you why. Google Analytics is the most popular analytics software, it could track the traffic from your website along with the performance of each web page on your website.

Google Analytics lets you find out where your visitors are coming from, the time they spent on your website, and most importantly their geographic locations. One of the best features of Google Analytics is their Goal Funnel, it sets up a list of URLs that the customer clicks through sites and this feature lets you find out the number of customers that goes to the purchase process which is very helpful for marketers and retail sites.

This tool also lets you find out how many of them did not finish the purchase and at what stage of the purchase it is, this information lets you adjust your strategies and adjust the buying experience to customer’s wants.

3. Social Mention

If you want a free tool that could help you in finding keywords that customers are searching on social media, Social Mention is the right tool for you. Social Mention provides a real-time analysis of social media, it also organizes social media mentions of your brands like hashtags, top keywords, and sites all in a single stream.

It is a great tool for marketers that use social media in finding their audience insights, this tool monitors more than 100 social media networks, it helps you have an in-depth analysis of data and measures influence and the best part is that this is free.

4. YouTube Analytics

For those marketers who posts videos on Youtube as their marketing technique, Youtube Analytics lets you see your real audience and could help you find out about the location and age of the people who watched your videos, this means knowing your audience and you will be able to produce contents that are more personalized depending on your customer’s need. It could also help you increase your conversion.

You could also use this tool to attract users to visit your site, how? By looking at the analytics of each video you find out exactly where your audience is still engaged and time of leaving and by that you can create a call to visit your site 8-10 seconds before the point of leaving. If you don’t have an idea what kind of video marketing you’ll use, you can take a look at 6 kinds of video marketing that will dominate 2020 this as reference.

5. Klout

If ever you need to explore, identify, and categorize influencers in your niche, Klout is a great tool for that, to measure influence it uses Facebook and Twitter for engagement. Is uses three different metrics: Network Influence, True Reach and Amplification Probability to score your group.

While others find Klout useful because it shows your brand influence by analyzing user engagement on Twitter which would allow you to find out about what your audience thinks about your brand. Other marketers would say that the Klout scoring system is inaccurate.

6. Content Analytics

In Content Analytic, you will know exactly which content on your website your visitor is reading as well as where and when they stop. It is important that you know this, why? Knowing if readers like what they see on your page or not would give you an idea as to why they don’t move towards the bottom of the page.

Knowing this information would help you analyze what to do on that specific page to engage the user more and adjust to what they are really interested to see and what is not.

Final Words

There are many more tools available out there, but you can start with these tools. Market research could be very expensive if you conduct your own study. If you are thorough enough and make your own research, you will get an opportunity to get an insight from your target customer with less expense or better for free. Try any of these tools and you’ll get to know your customer more and understand them, use that as leverage.