Podcast and Radio Shows

What started as audio-blogging in the 1980s received a new nomenclature of “podcasting” in the early 2000s. Podcasting is a form of broadcasting audio files on the Internet that can be downloaded and played offline on various devices. A podcast is an “on demand” audio file that can be streamed or downloaded from the Internet.

Some of the major podcasting directories that are preferred by listeners include:

Podcasting is now seen as the start of a revolution in new media content sharing. This channel empowers individuals to disseminate relevant information and ideas among focus groups.

In fact, podcasting holds the ability to reach out to a large group of listeners, making it a beneficial tool in outreach programs for brand marketing, journalism, education and entertainment.

What is Podcast PR?

What is Podcast PR?

Broadcasting your brand’s content through network TV to communicate with niche audience is like using a wide net to catch a specific fish from among all sorts. One of the key benefits of using a podcast as a PR tool is that the audiences are typically focused. In fact, most listeners have a basic understanding of podcasts and wish to learn more about the specific topic or interest.

Podcasters are always looking for relevant and engaging content. You can offer insights from your domain expertise and leverage podcasts for massive exposure, traffic, and sales. The key to generating interesting content is to share and talk about something that is of value to the target audience and also matters to you.

As an industry expert, you can educate your listeners and inform them of new products or services and their uses. Using a podcast as a promotional tool is a good idea, but a brand’s aim should be to make the podcast as educational and comprehensive as possible.

PRmention offers podcasting PR management and consulting for startups, small and medium-sized businesses. We currently provide podcasting PR consultation for several large brands from various industries.

What Makes Podcast Useful for Businesses?

What Makes Podcast Useful for Businesses?

As a communication channel, podcasting is yet to be explored by brands to reach their target audience. Unlike other forms of media, podcast listeners can tune in to a podcast while doing other activities like workouts, commutes, or cooking. Other platforms are, in fact, subject to distraction and the key message may not reach the audience.

Additionally, podcasts enjoy a huge fan base with numbers comparable to a successful blog or a trade e-magazine. A lot of podcasts focus on content that is industry/interest-specific, making it easier for businesses to communicate with potential buyers. Creating high-quality podcasts will help you establish a loyal community of listeners who will look forward to hear more from your brand.

Numerous podcast directories curate lists of audio files that cater to the interests of a dedicated audience. Businesses can increase their chances of being part of these lists by sharing short and frequent podcasts.

Why Podcasting PR?

With an increase in the number of podcast channels, podcasting has now become a medium that is worth your PR focus. PRmention can help you become a podcast guest, and this may serve you better compared to starting your own podcast to reach your intended audience.

Why Podcasting PR?

For certain businesses, it is advisable to avoid establishing a podcast for their own brands and focus on becoming a speaker on others’ podcasts. At PRmention, we will evaluate your marketing objectives and devise the right strategy for podcast PR to yield positive results. Further, with our industry knowledge, we can create content about your industry in the best format for your potential audiences.

When it comes to engaging with various stakeholders of your company, podcasting becomes an efficient means of conveying and spreading your corporate message. Gradually, you will be able to build a fan base of regular listeners who actually show interest in knowing your brand and subsequently engage with it.

What Are Your Podcasting Needs?

Do you need podcasting PR strategy, coaching, and direction for your brand?

PRmention can provide you with the right strategy and ensure that you profit from our work. With our industry expertise in podcast mapping, we can get you placed on the leading podcasts that are relevant to your business.

As a market leader in the podcasting PR industry, we establish and garner professional connections with influencers in the podcasting fraternity and pitch your brand to them. Our consultants have personally worked with or communicated with most of the popular podcasters that you may have heard of.

What Will the Podcast PR Strategy/Plan Include?

Podcasting doesn’t require in-depth technical knowledge, and a podcast channel can be started by anyone. But, what’s the point of it if nobody listens to your podcast and it doesn’t get you any new sales? Our experts at PRmention can help you create a strategy to get featured on relevant podcasts from your industry with Substantial number of listeners.

The initial stages of the podcast PR strategy will chiefly focus on defining the marketing objectives for your campaign and identifying the potential profitable pockets in your podcasting PR plan. Our profit-centered planning has always worked in our favor, and we’ve created a successful track record with our clients.

PRmention focuses on the business-side of your podcasting PR strategy, while bearing in mind the potential for exponential growth. A set of measurable action points in the podcast plan of your brand will get the podcasting world talking about you.

People are gradually moving from consuming informative content from TV to relying on online resources. This is because the information is personalized and more related to areas of personal interest, in a proactive fashion. Podcasts are filling this need-gap for the audience in an engaging manner, which is effective for brand communication.