Why Brands Need to Manage Public Relations and Media Relations

Public Relations involves strategic communications on behalf of a brand, with a focus on building synergetic relationships with its stakeholders. The power of public relations lies in the fact that brands can make themselves heard among their publics with the power to convince.

Media Relations is a vital aspect of Public Relations, and refers to the relationship that a business entity develops with media channels by engaging with relevant media personnel for the dissemination of authentic brand messaging. While PR is about brands implementing strategic actions to extend their relationships to all stakeholders, media relations is a subcategory of public relations that focuses on the media rather than an individual or other associations.

Communication strategies are designed with a special focus on media engagement activities to create and sustain positive perceptions of brands. PR professionals develop and design media plans that works as a blueprint for companies to create the desirable image at the local, national or international levels.

Media relations focuses on developing a strong relationship with journalists, bloggers and columnists, who may be eager to hear what the brand has to say. This can provide your company with invaluable access to the public.

The key aspects of media engagement activities include conducting:

So, When Is Public Relations Required?

Even in today’s time, a host of companies operates with less or no budget for PR tools. At the same time, businesses that actively engage in integrated PR and digital marketing activities are more likely to build customer loyalty, and increase profitability and long-term success.

At the core, public relations as a function can be related to everything that a company does. It starts with the comprehensive positioning of the brand with the help of messaging and story development.

With increased accountability for a brand’s perception, more managers are beginning to value the interrelationship between effective public relations, positive corporate reputation and business performance. They recognize that stakeholder management can reduce the gap between corporate identity (projected messaging) and corporate image (perception among the target audience).

Integrated PR and digital marketing activities should be harmonious with the larger business plan, with every communication directed at a specific audience. Strategic communications require a clear understanding of the organization’s vision, mission as well as business and marketing objectives.

Important tools used for brand communications include:

At PRmention, we develop communications strategies based on the foundation of traditional media relations, political considerations, and influencer marketing, and with a constant emphasis on business implications. Whether it is for reputation management or as part of daily operations, PRmention approaches brand communications with utmost attention to all stakeholders in the spectrum of brand awareness.

PRmention leverages its experience of working with media personnel to manage challenges and create new opportunities for your business.

We will work with you to:

With a team of content marketing specialists, PRmention is adept at creating effective message delivery for you to use with members of the press and will ensure that the key messaging is presented in the best way possible.

Building and maintaining media contact chiefly depends on proactive (prearranged) and reactive (responsive) activities. Our team has excellent professional relations with leading journalists and writers, and comes with years of experience in making the client’s story heard.

PR Services Offered By Us:

PR and Marketing Strategies
– Medium to Long Term

  • Strategy brand management
  • Campaign planning and implementation
  • Market research and insight
  • Monitoring and measurement, and support
  • Strategic content development
  • Media relations
  • Outreach – Influencer and Blogger
  • Social media outreach
  • Industry engagement
  • User engagement
  • Non-media activities

Project-based PR and
Marketing Counseling

  • Product launches
  • Product/app reviews
  • New office launches
  • Press conferences
  • Events, conferences and trade shows

Whether it is a project-based, medium or long-term collaboration, you can benefit from one or all of our PR and Digital Marketing services!

Benefits of Public and Media Relations

On several occasions, communicators try to generate positive media coverage without putting any real thought into the strategic potential of the information. This is where public relations steps in. If done right, PR activities can make a greater impact and reach a larger audience without the expensive cost of traditional advertising.

Engaging a reputed public relations firm’s services can be the ultimate way to grow your brand and gain new opportunities. Liaising with the media requires domain expertise as they expect PR professionals to know what the media wants. Before circulating any brand communication, it is the role of the agency to be ready with related images, story ideas and accurate information. At the same time, brands need to understand that the news presented by the media can’t be controlled. You may suggest a relevant news angle that incorporates your brand, but the final call is taken by the reporters.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of media relations:

Earn Credibility

Every brand has a story to tell, but how is the story presented to the audience depends on the media. When a third party, like the media, presents information about a company doing good work (instead of the company itself), it adds to the credibility of the brand. The media’s word is taken at its face value and plays a key role in influencing target groups.

The reportage represents thorough research carried out by the journalist and the public forms an opinion based on this information. Further, it reflects that the brand is successful and is worth the limelight. With several brands competing for media space, numerous companies that are doing well are not picked up by the media. This exposure often doesn’t happen by chance, but depends on proactive media relations.

Reach Out to the Right People

Build Strong Connections

Manage Crises and Create a Positive Image

Recap. . .

Public Relations and Media Outreach are primarily about leading your brand in the right direction. It’s not just about promoting the good work of your business, but also about creating strong brand awareness among the key stakeholders.

Public Relations can cater to the communications requirements of most organizations or brands. If PR is not a part of your current marketing program, it may be time to consider this approach and hire a team for devising and implementing a public relations strategy to complement your existing marketing plan.