11 of the Best Referral and Affiliate Software for Your Wix Website

Nielsen claims that more than eighty percent of customers are willing to recommend goods and services that they enjoy. The problem, however, is that most forget to do so. Seeing how there is a pool of leads that business owners can benefit from by word-of-mouth advertisement, it is only reasonable that one provides an incentive that encourages customers to refer a friend.

Deciding what incentive to give and when to offer these incentives are paramount factors when building a reward-based referral program. But even more important is the management of these referral programs. Many software have been developed for this purpose, and while each of them may seem like a great option, some are more efficient in helping you manage your referral programs.

Here is a list of the best Wix referral software available on the market to help you make the most reasonable choice and get the best value for your money.

1. OSI Affiliate Software

This software is a tested and trusted one that is famous among users because of its numerous benefits. The design of this software is wholly directed at maximizing your customer’s referral efforts. First, it allows you to send out a one-question email survey that can help link you to customers who are willing to become affiliates. Also, you can send out a stream of promotional emails using this software.

Using its social media integration feature, customers can easily share posts and banners to their favorite social media platforms with a click. It also has a coupon generation feature that allows you to issue promo codes to affiliates for further marketing. With features for running analytics on sales data and social media impressions, you can have a fair idea about how well your campaigns are going.

2. Sales Team

This app enables your affiliates to be as autonomous as possible in their marketing efforts. Whether you have a full-blown sales team or a list of micro-influencers, you can track their progress. The app grants them back office access to tools to monitor their sales and commissions receivable. It also handles invoicing and creates links that affiliates can share on their social media platforms. Each affiliate also gets a distinct coupon code, which they will be rewarded for anytime the code is used to make a purchase.

3. Bamboo Referral Program

The bamboo referral program was created to reduce the cost of advertising and marketing by providing a simple solution to business owners who seek to utilize their existing customer base to reach out to new customers through referrals. This program creates a link for every new affiliate, such that every purchase made through that link incurs a commission. The individuality of this ripples down to the customer feeling obliged to refer a friend, and as such, they kickstart a cycle of marketing.

4. AAA-Affiliate Marketing PRO

The AAA-Affiliate software has a design aimed at minimizing the hassle that comes with affiliate marketing. It provides your affiliates with a one-click social sharing to their favorite social media platforms. It handles commission payout to affiliates via PayPal, but it also allows you to pay affiliates manually. This software creates a tier system for mates, in which each tier has a different commission level; this further serves as an incentive to encourage them to refer more people.

5. Everflow

The Everflow software is designed to give you a data-based solution to your affiliate marketing efforts. It recognizes your need to monitor all channels through which your affiliates refer customers, and it provides the way to do so. By delivering deep data analytics of traffic to your sales sites, it can detect which performance channel has more leads than the other. It also creates coupon codes for your affiliates to share on their socials, and it monitors the impressions on these platforms.

6. Pongo Affiliate

If you need an automated reward-based referral program that requires minimal manual effort, the pongo affiliate app is for you. It handles your commission setup, monitoring, and payout. All you need to do is set a rate for the commission on your products. And whenever an order is made, the software replaces the amount charged as commission and puts it as a marketing or advertisement cost. This software provides you with global marketing opportunities as it has influencers and affiliates spread across continents.

7. PostPilot

PostPilot presents a whole new line of marketing called Postcard marketing. Because of how individualistic and specific the postcards are, you can expect to get the most out of your affiliates. PostPilot organizes a unique, one-off campaign that sends out customized postcards to your most loyal customers. You can choose the templates and even make your design. All you need to do is add the name of your customers for more personalization. After this, PostPilot handles creating the full-color card you have designed and delivers it within 4-6 days.

8. Hivefiliate

Hivefiliate claims to be an all-in-one platform and proves it by providing a wholesome support experience for your referral programs. This software offers an array of functions that allows you to run all your marketing programs on it. It handles your referral and affiliate programs and even goes on to manage both partner and influencer marketing efforts. It creates these programs and goes onto the track and optimize your efforts. You can add promotional banners and posts and links to products that your affiliates can share on their social media.

9. GrowthHero

GrowthHero is a software designed to amplify your marketing efforts by handling your referral programs. It generates discount codes and coupons that affiliates or influencers can use to encourage people to make purchases. It also creates custom links that customers can share with their friends, which helps create a new pool of leads for you. This software goes on to create a multi-level referral program, such that affiliates can sign up other people to contribute to your marketing efforts and pay them commissions.

10. LinkTrust

LinkTrust has a reputation in the market for being a top-tier solution when it concerns all performance marketing firms. Whether it relates to regular referral programs or affiliate marketing and influencer marketing, this software helps maximize your efforts by providing analytics and performance metrics. It provides you with the tools that you need to monitor, report, and reward your affiliates. This software would help you create your campaigns, promotional banners, and posts and help you deliver them efficiently.

11. Referral Rock

Referral Rock is an all-in-one platform you can use to grow through word of mouth. The software takes a business’s existing relationships, whether it’s customers, affiliates, or partners, and turns them into scalable sources you can rely on for new customers. Referral Rock comes with easy built-in integrations, workflow automation, and reward fulfillment to help put your referral marketing on autopilot. Plus, The turnkey software works for both offline and online referrals and offers flexible plans to grow alongside your business