SEO Software Platform: Why Your Agency Needs One

Running a digital marketing agency means keeping up-to-date with the latest tools and practices. Your clients, both existing and potential, look to you for help in building and strengthening their presence online. You lose your credibility when you insist on using outdated technologies and redundant practices.

Digital marketing is challenging, particularly SEO. Its constant evolution results in several changes that can be difficult to manage. This is why SEO software is important. They help you optimize the various elements of your website and also help in building your overall brand visibility online.

Who Can Use SEO Software?

An SEO management software is a digital platform that gives you access to a variety of tools. All of these allow you to manage your different clients’ digital marketing campaigns. With the right training, the different teams in your agency can utilize this platform to streamline their processes.

SEO Analysts

Your SEO analysts benefit the most from this software. Since they are responsible for several optimization strategies (from keyword research to link building), they can make the most of the software’s full suite of tools thoroughly in their processes.

Content Creators

Your content creators can use this software to produce high-quality blogs, videos, images, and other pieces of content for clients’ digital marketing campaigns. The software allows them to analyze the performance of their content, improving future strategies.

Project Managers

As the people responsible for planning, implementing, and managing digital marketing strategies, your SEO managers use this software to improve their processes. In addition, they can leverage the software to show clients valuable data on their campaigns.

What Does SEO Software Do for Your Agency? 

By educating yourself on the software’s various different capabilities, you can effectively leverage them for better business performance. Let’s dive in to learn all its benefits.

It helps you acquire more clients.

The right SEO software improves your website’s discoverability online. Most search engine users only click-through to the first five results. By improving your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), you attract more people towards your web pages. With the right strategy, you can reach people with high intent to hire a digital marketing agency for their business.

It improves your website’s UX and UI.

Your website’s design and performance play important roles in acquiring new clients. They help to better showcase your website design services to everyone who visits your web pages. Search engines today heavily rely on UX signals to rank a website. SEO software helps you improve these factors for better user experience, which leads to better user metrics.

It strengthens your brand online.

People often associate high SERP rankings with credibility and authority. This is the reason sites that are on the first page often stay there. Using your SEO software to improve your ranking, you establish your brand’s visibility and authority online. You can use the platform’s multiple tools to establish relationships with third-party sites that can link back to your web pages through their content.

It enhances your understanding of SEO.

Any good digital marketing agency understands that SEO is constantly changing. With the right SEO software, you educate yourself and your team better on navigating this landscape. It leads to expertise that’s advantageous in an industry where several of your competitors are still trying to figure out the basics.

What Do You Get With SEO Software?

As mentioned, SEO software comes with a full suite of tools that address multiple needs. Familiarize yourself with its different capabilities to understand how it can streamline processes in your agency.

Keyword Research

This tool allows you to track and analyze your campaigns’ performance online. Additionally, it allows you to identify the appropriate keywords and phrases for these campaigns. Create targeted content easily that is beneficial to your clients’ business performance with this tool.

Rank Tracker

Ranktracker allows you to identify your campaigns’ strengths and weaknesses. With the data you’ve gathered, you can effectively calibrate your strategies to improve performance. This is also helpful in creating reports for your clients, giving them the data they need to determine their campaign’s success.

SEO Audits

This tool allows you to crawl websites and discover issues that affect their ranking. Part of creating an effective digital marketing campaign is optimizing your clients’ websites. This tool gives you detailed analytics on their web pages, allowing you to develop the appropriate solutions (e.g., easier navigation, relevant content, or faster loading time).

Backlink Monitoring

This tool allows you to improve your backlink strategy. It gives you access to the domain authority score, the page authority score, the geolocation of links, and other data that is essential to a good digital marketing campaign. Additionally, this tool flags dangerous backlinks that can harm your clients’ websites.

Content Optimization

This tool allows you to measure your content’s performance with its intended audience. Utilizing this tool gives you access to different websites’ user metrics (e.g., sessions, bounce rates, and click-through rates), social engagement metrics (e.g., likes, shares, and comments), and the third-party sites linking back to your clients’ web pages. Effectively optimize content to generate valuable leads and increase conversions.


This tool allows you to customize your reports to clients. Each campaign has specific goals; with this reporting tool, you effectively show clients how they’re faring online. Give them easily digestible data that inform them where their money is going. Additionally, you can use this data to give potential clients a real-world example of how well your campaigns perform.

Wrapping Up

Running a successful digital marketing agency greatly ties to leveraging the right tools. The right SEO software gives you a platform where you can improve processes for both you and your clients.