Why You Need A Solid Content Marketing Strategy To Have Better Seo Results

Reaching the top of the SERP is what every brand desires.

Even though the challenges Google’s algorithms impose, it is possible to stay in evidence. To do this, you must combine two key elements of Digital Marketing: Content Marketing and SEO.

There is nothing new in saying that content strategies have great value for engaging and driving traffic.

It’s also not a surprise to know that to be effective, content needs to rank well. Still, some marketers fail to understand the impact of this work on SEO results.

The connection between SEO and Content Marketing is deeper than many may realize.

Understanding this is the foundation for being more easily found through search queries and search engines.

This content will talk about the importance of Content Marketing for web optimization. It will cover the following topics:

  • What is the importance of Content Marketing?
  • How are SEO and Content Marketing connected?
  • How to use Content Marketing Strategies to improve SEO?

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What is the importance of Content Marketing?

In Digital Marketing, achieving good results with low investment is always a never-ending quest. However, you can accomplish this, especially if you create content.

Traditional marketing always costs too much. TV ads, for example, are expensive, and you can’t target who you reach. Thus, the strategy gets a low ROI rate and has questionable effectiveness.

On the other hand, with Content Marketing, it is possible to invest a little and generate many opportunities.

This strategy costs 62% less than traditional marketing. Besides, it generates three times more leads.

Source: Demand Metric

Talking about costs and ROI is just one way to reinforce the importance and effectiveness of Content Marketing. There are other more specific issues we must explain.

Traffic and conversions

Content Marketing drives a lot of traffic to blogs and websites. These results happen because you publish good content and, with proper SEO work, users can easily find these posts. This accuracy ensures that qualified traffic comes to the blog.

Doing good work creates more chances for all the traffic to be turned into conversions and sales.

Results also depend on the content quality. However, a study pointed out that companies doing Content Marketing generate six times more conversions.

Customer relationship

Content Marketing is also a way to work on the relationship with the customer. You can offer valuable content to those who are already in your database.

It’s not just about generating leads and turning them into consumers. Content also helps maintain customer loyalty.

To do this, you must create videos, blog posts, and e-books targeted at buyer personas representing every type of customer.

A good example is creating content with tips on how to use a product your brand sells. This way, you maintain good post-sales efforts, working to keep these people satisfied with your company.

Brand Authority

Consumers are looking to feel trust in their relationship with a company.

There are many ways to achieve this, and one of them is brand authority, which means your company can speak about a subject with confidence.

This know-how gives the consumer the security he needs to buy, or hire, something from a company.

The best way to speak with authority about something is to use Content Marketing. Your company can create posts for every type of topic and buyer persona.


Content Marketing is one of the main tools brands have to achieve engagement.

People love content! According to a study, they spend 20% of their time on the web consuming it.

You can get this traffic by offering something valuable to your audience.

It is all about finding the right person at the right time. Two main factors ensure this: segmentation, i.e., knowing who is looking for the content, and SEO optimizations.

Even if the content offered is from the top of the funnel, it generates engagement if it brings to the consumer something they wanted.

From there, the consumer will develop a positive perception of your brand.

Then, all you have to do is keep providing content to advance in the marketing funnel.

How are SEO and Content Marketing connected?

Content Marketing and SEO are directly, and constantly related. Knowing this is key to achieving important results.

All the SEO work that a company does is relevant. However, there is no doubt that content can be crucial to achieving greater visibility on the web.

When we talk about Content Marketing and SEO, the relationship is this: content needs SEO to reach its audience.

On the other hand, SEO optimization is more than just creating content. But content is the best way to make companies gain attention.

Companies must optimize content to perform well

Good content is not just about the depth of ideas and the quality of material presented.

You can’t get good results if the right people don’t reach your content. That is why Content Marketing will always need SEO. Optimization is what will enable outstanding performance, able to generate traffic and conversions.

How to use Content Marketing Strategies to improve SEO?

Content Marketing helps to improve SEO. That is why it is important to know how to use this strategy in different ways, always aiming for optimization.

Brands with great SEO results gain more authority. This is because Google places pages and contents in better position that stands out in regards to optimization.

There is no doubt that Content Marketing plays a key role when brands are looking to get better positions in the SERP.

Below, you will learn how to use the strategy with a focus on improving SEO!

Use content to rank for several keywords

Undoubtedly, keywords are essential in content. It is through them that people connect with brands.

Therefore, a good strategy focusing on SEO optimization needs to explore a wide number of keywords.

If your content ranks for a few of them, you are missing opportunities to earn greater exposure.

Overall, this makes your site a top reference in the industry, which Google identifies.

Finding the ideal keywords for your business and creating content that explores them is essential to get great SEO results.

Create content to attract different buyer personas

Brands need to know their audience and their characteristics. Therefore, it is important to conduct detailed research and define the buyer persona that best represents its consumers.

In many cases, brands have more than one average consumer profile. Consequently, these variations generate the need to create two or more buyer personas.

When brands create content, it is essential to think about all the personas it has.

If you don’t do this, you will only work on keywords for a part of your audience. Of course, the outcome of this is lower than expected SEO results.

With Content Marketing, it is possible to communicate with all consumer profiles of your company.

Just explore different keywords in various interest areas, and then produce content for your business’s buyer personas.

Create guest posts with partners

Backlinks are important for brands to increase their authority on the web. They also generate a lot of qualified traffic!

Google’s algorithms rank companies better if they can place their backlinks on blogs and websites of other relevant companies in the industry. This is why guest posts exist!

They are a partnership between companies that aim to exchange posts for getting backlinks positioned on pages of common interest.

Being quoted by a relevant company in the industry makes a lot of difference.

Google takes this as a sign of relevance and increases the authority of the page.

Consequently, pages with great authority get ranked in the first positions of the SERP.

This better positioning happens because, when it comes to showing its search results, Google prioritizes sites considered to be more qualified.

Optimize your bounce rate

For a user, it can be frustrating to access content on your site and realize it has low quality.

In some cases, the problem is worse: the content has nothing to do with the ranked keyword.

In these cases, the user’s reaction is to leave the page. They usually do this quickly, as soon as they realize they will find nothing good there.

This abandonment generates a significant increase in the website’s bounce rate. The higher this metric, the worse the content’s position in the SERP will be.

Companies need to work to have a low bounce rate. Thus, it is necessary to produce high-quality content with lots of information that meets the public’s wants.

A page with a low bounce rate has great chances of ranking well. Therefore, invest in quality content and boost your SEO results!

Content Marketing and SEO need to always be related so as to generate outstanding results.

Understanding the connection between these two pillars of Digital Marketing will boost your company and generate much more visibility for it.

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